Yoruba and English King James Version Parallel Bible (Old and New Testaments) [Hardcover]

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Bibeli Mimo Holy Bible King James Version is two bibles in one: A Yoruba Bible and an Authorized Version English Bible. It is the most complete and user friendly Yoruba and English Parallel bible available. It has both the Old and New Testaments with each verse printed side by side in English and Yoruba so that you can easily compare both languages. Despite being two bibles in one, the Yoruba/English bible is compact enough for everyday home, travel and church use
Yoruba and English King James Version Parallel Bible (Old and New Testaments) [Hardcover]

I brought this half English half Yoruba bible as I am trying to learn how to read Yoruba fluently. This Bible/Bibeli is fantastic in that both languages sit side by side making comparisons quick and simple. This Bible has also got me reading the scripture more often, I can spend hours enthrawled in this Bible learning more and more. My brother has just ordered his, my mum has ordered hers and I'm sure we'll spend time reading it to one another. This would be a great gift for anybody to help them develop linguistically and spiritually.

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